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Graph Information

This graph shows Transmit and Receive speeds (mbps) for the Ontongan Distribution points PTP licensed links.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
OntLibrary2OntWater_rx ptp1 gauge     OntLibrary2OntWater_rx
OntLibrary2OntWater_tx ptp2 gauge     OntLibrary2OntWater_tx
OntWater2Rockland_rx ptp3 gauge     OntWater2Rockland_rx
OntWater2Rockland_tx ptp4 gauge     OntWater2Rockland_tx
Rockland2Ewen_rx ptp5 gauge     Rockland2Ewen_rx
Rockland2Ewen_tx ptp6 gauge     Rockland2Ewen_tx
Rockland2WhitePine_rx ptp7 gauge     Rockland2WhitePine_rx
Rockland2WhitePine_tx ptp8 gauge     Rockland2WhitePine_tx
Rockland2Bruce_rx ptp9 gauge     Rockland2Bruce_rx
Rockland2Bruce_tx ptp10 gauge     Rockland2Bruce_tx
MERIT_rx ptp20 gauge     MERIT_rx
MERIT_tx ptp21 gauge     MERIT_tx