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Graph Information

This graph shows the utilization per interface on the router in mbps.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
CedarWest_WiFi users9 gauge      
BirchWest_WiFi users10 gauge      
Spalding_Spooner_WiFi users11 gauge      
Magers_WiFi users12 gauge      
Meyland_WiFi users13 gauge      
Hunt_WiFi users14 gauge      
VanAnt_WiFi users15 gauge      
Woodland users16 gauge      
BirchEast_WiFi users19 gauge      
CedarEast_WiFi users20 gauge      
MapleEast_WiFi users21 gauge      
MapleWest_WiFi users22 gauge      
NorwoodCenterLincoln_WiFi users23 gauge