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Graph Information

This graph shows the utilization per interface on the router in mbps.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Backbone_LRC_rx ptp1 gauge     Backbone_LRC_rx
Backbone_LRC_tx ptp2 gauge     Backbone_LRC_tx
Backbone_Hedgcock_rx ptp3 gauge     Backbone_Hedgcock_rx
Backbone_Hedgcock_tx ptp4 gauge     Backbone_Hedgcock_tx
MtMesnard_rx ptp5 gauge     MtMesnard_rx
MtMesnard_tx ptp6 gauge     MtMesnard_tx
Dome_rx ptp7 gauge     Dome_rx
Dome_tx ptp8 gauge     Dome_tx
LRCTower_rx ptp9 gauge     LRCTower_rx
LRCTower_tx ptp10 gauge     LRCTower_tx
CityLoop1_rx ptp11 gauge     CityLoop1_rx
CityLoop1_tx ptp12 gauge     CityLoop1_tx
CityLoop2_rx ptp13 gauge     CityLoop2_rx
CityLoop2_tx ptp14 gauge     CityLoop2_tx
Hedg6807_rx ptp15 gauge     Hedg6807_rx
Hedg6807_tx ptp16 gauge     Hedg6807_tx
PA_VL161/VL961_AE_rx ptp17 gauge     PA_VL161/VL961_AE_rx
PA_VL161/VL961_AE_tx ptp18 gauge     PA_VL161/VL961_AE_tx
DeadRiver_rx ptp19 gauge     DeadRiver_rx
DeadRiver_tx ptp20 gauge     DeadRiver_tx
CohodasTower_rx ptp21 gauge     CohodasTower_rx
CohodasTower_tx ptp22 gauge     CohodasTower_tx
Granite_Research_rx ptp23 gauge     Granite_Research_rx
Granite_Research_tx ptp24 gauge     Granite_Research_tx
Granite_Island_rx ptp25 gauge     Granite_Island_rx
Granite_Island_tx ptp26 gauge     Granite_Island_tx
HamNet_rx ptp27 gauge     HamNet_rx
HamNet_tx ptp28 gauge     HamNet_tx
PeterWhiteLibrary_rx ptp29 gauge     PeterWhiteLibrary_rx
PeterWhiteLibrary_tx ptp30 gauge     PeterWhiteLibrary_tx
VL61_rx ptp31 gauge     VL61_rx
VL61_tx ptp32 gauge     VL61_tx