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Graph Information

This graph shows the utilization per interface on the router in mbps.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Backbone_Hedgecock users1 gauge      
Backbone_Resnet users2 gauge      
Backbone_Cohodas users3 gauge      
VL206_Server users5 gauge      
VL199_Server users6 gauge      
Library users7 gauge      
Services users9 gauge      
TheScienceBuilding users11 gauge      
Whitman users13 gauge      
Micro users14 gauge      
NC users15 gauge      
TFA_McClintock users16 gauge      
Backbone_LTE(Huawei) users17 gauge      
LRD users18 gauge      
Gries217 users19 gauge      
Gries255 users20 gauge      
Weston40g users21 gauge      
Weston10g users22 gauge